Cranston Herald: Climate change project points to city’s risks, seeks ways to adapt

June 4, 2014

How will climate change impact Cranston?  Researchers say hotter days will become more frequent, as will extreme precipitation events. Sea levels will rise, and flooding will continue to be a significant issue.

They say the extent of the shift, however, is still to be determined – and that steps can be taken to both mitigate and prepare for what’s on the horizon.

“This is really about doing better planning today,” said Danya Rumore, a doctoral candidate and project manager with the New England Climate Adaptation Project, during a recent climate change presentation and workshop at City Hall.  “You’re going to feel impacts. It’s a global issue with local effects … We don’t know exactly what’s coming, so let’s plan to be adaptable.”

The climate adaptation project – a combined effort of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Science Impact Collaborative and the Consensus Building Institute that was funded through the National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s Science Collaborative – has focused on Cranston and the communities of Wells, Maine; Dover, N.H.; and Barnstable, Mass.

“Our intent is on helping communities move forward on difficult problems that require a lot of voices to come together,” said Carri Hulet of the Consensus Building Institute.

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