Role-play Simulations

Role-play simulations are an experiential exercise that can be used to help community residents and decision-makers learn more about the scientific or technical issues being debated in various public policy controversies, such as whether and how to adapt to the risks associated with climate change. As part of this project, our team developed a science-based role-play simulation for each of our four partner municipalities: Barnstable, Massachusetts; Dover, New Hampshire; Wells, Maine; and Cranston, Rhode Island. Tailored specifically for each community, these simulations are designed to engage participants in a mock decision-making process about a key climate change risk facing their community, such as the possibility of severe sea level risk and related impacts on coastal infrastructure. These simulations are based upon local climate change projections, risk assessments, and in-depth discussions with key community members and public officials in each town or city.

If you are interested in conducting one of these role-play simulations in your town, workplace, or classroom, you can find the full package of materials on the Harvard Program on Negotiation website (direct links for each game below). Please contact Project Manager Danya Rumore ( if you have any questions about this process or would like additional guidance organizing a climate adaptation role-play workshop in your area.


                       General Instructions | Teaching Notes                                         General Instructions | Teaching Notes


                    General Instructions | Teaching Notes                                               General Instructions | Teaching Notes