Getting Past Politics on Climate Change

October 27, 2014

The polarizing debates over climate change are often about the wrong questions. I go nuts when I hear people debating belief in climate change. Some things are facts, and the beauty of facts is they don’t require you to believe in them in order for them to be true. One can dislike that the climate is changing. One can be uninformed on the issue. We can even disagree about how fast it’s happening and how accurately we can predict future impacts. In fact, there is a lot of uncertainty about climate change and a host of really good questions we still need to answer, but whether or not it’s happening is not one of them. Next time you hear someone say they don’t believe in climate change, I invite you to quote Tina Fey, who said occasionally she runs into people who don’t believe she’s a comic because they don’t think women are funny. Her response? >>Read more on the University of Utah's EDR Blog!